This week’s #tiptuesday is from Jennifer Skinner of JRS Performance Horses in Bryan, TX. Jennifer is also the 2022 President of BACH!

“If at first you don’t succeed, lower your expectations.” This concept is not the idea of accepting less, it speaks to the idea of taking a step back. In our horse journey sometimes we can get excited about the goal and take a few too many steps at once. Maybe we are trying to steady our connection, or get a little more impulsion in a ride…I mean we had it yesterday after all! But THIS day maybe the wind is blowing and some construction is going on across the road and we haven’t actually achieved relaxation with our equine partner. Maybe we need to take a little longer one ride, working at something we think is already mastered.

Let every ride or training session dictate it’s own set of accomplishments.

Sometimes it is ok to take a step back when we are struggling. Sometimes it is ok when frustration seems to be welling up, to go back to a basic principle, a foundation principle and just succeed there. After succeeding at a step that is basic and comes easier, then maybe take a bit of a smaller step forward. Lowering your expectations for a moment isn’t defeat, it is helping our horses and ourselves build our confidence and ensure our foundation is solid. Let every ride or training session dictate its own set of accomplishments. Steps back are often part of any journey and are often where some of the best lessons are learned. Enjoy your whole journey!

Photos by https://www.michelletownsendphoto.com/

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