September 14th Ride Times

UPDATED: 9/13/2019 5:30 pm

UPDATE: Due to a few scratches and scheduling conflicts, we are working on the schedule – we will re-post as soon as we finish! 9/13/19 11:35 am

Ride Times for September 14th Schooling Show with Judge Celeste Brown, ‘L’. 09/13/2019 3:31 am.

In addition to written scores & comments our judge has offered to give verbal feedback immediately after your ride is complete. Ride times are scheduled to accomodate the additional time needed between tests. If you would like to participate, walk to the end of the arena towards the judge’s stand after your final salute.

All tests will be ridden in a large arena.

Time#Rider First NameRider Last NameHorseDivisionClassTestArena Size
9:00 AM DonnaMeyerAtomicOpen2019 USEF Third Level3Large
9:10 AM SandyVennemanCarpe DiemOpen2019 USEF Third Level1Large
9:20 AM CandyBeck-BrakeMy OdysseyAA2019 USEF Second Level1Large
9:30 AM JessicaTorbetL’AvanceAA2019 Training Level2Large
9:40 AM SandyVennemanCarpe DiemOpen2019 USEF Third Level2Large
9:50 AM CandyBeck-BrakeMy OdysseyAA2019 USEF First Level3Large
10:00 AM KendallHanoverRenegadeJr/YR2019 Training Level2Large
10:10 AM JessicaTorbetL’AvanceAA2019 Training Level3Large
10:20 AM MaryHirschRexAA2019 USDF Intro LevelALarge
10:30 AM DianeMitchellGradyAA2017 WDAA Basic Level2Large
10:38 AM LindseyChapmanBayo GavilonAA2019 USDF Intro LevelBLarge
10:46 AM MaryHirschRexAA2019 USDF Intro LevelBLarge
10:54 AM DianeMitchellGradyAA2018 WDAA Basic Level3Large
11:10 AM PamelaStroudOdinAA2019 Training Level1Large
11:20 AM KendallHanoverLegolasJr/YR2019 Training Level1Large
11:30 AM ElizabethBeazerHandmade PerfectionJr/YR2019 Training Level1Large
11:40 AM SandyVennemanPPR Coco ChanelOpen2019 First Level3Large
11:50 AM PamelaStroudOdinAA2019 Training Level2Large
12:00 PM KendallHanoverLegolasJr/YR2019 Training Level2Large
12:10 PM ElizabethBeazerHandmade PerfectionJr/YR2019 Training Level2Large
12:20 PM SandyVennemanPPR Coco ChanelOpen2019 Training Level3Large

Click the link below to download a copy of the ride times as a PDF.