BACH Virtual Dressage Show

October 1-31, 2022

Wherever you like, at your convenience.

Get a judge’s opinion of your dressage tests without the hassle of hauling and stabling. And do it at your convenience! Be sure to carefully read the Show Guidelines, then submit one Entry Form per test with the video of your test. Entries open on October 1, 2022 and close on October 31, 2022.

Scores will count towards HDS Awards!

For video submission guidelines click HERE. For Entry Form click HERE.

How to Enter

Step 1: Read the following rules completely before filming your test
Step 2: Film your test(s) including a tack check and informational sign
Step 3: Complete the entry form
Step 4: Submit payment on PayPal to using the Friends and Family setting
Step 5: Email the completed entry form and a link to your video(s) to

Directions for recording:
  1. The video must begin by filming a sign that contains the following information: show name, horse name, rider name, and test.
  2. Camera must be in LANDSCAPE orientation. Place the camera directly centered at/ behind “C” 3 to 6 feet from the rail. Stand on the lower step of a mounting block. The horse must not be out of the camera frame at any time in the test.
  3. Keep the camera centered on the horse on the centerlines.
  4. Keep the horse in the LAST one third of the viewing screen in Landscape view ( 2/3 of the viewscreen in front of moving horse). In general, keep the horse’s feet in the bottom 1/3 of the viewfinder. This will allow the “judge” to see approximately two letters in front of the horse which is necessary for depth perception and line evaluation.
  5. Zoom is ABSOLUTELY necessary. The horse should take up ⅓ of the viewfinder and must not exceed ½. On a camera or iPhone/Android for the 20×60 ring, zoom for the far end of the ring is generally 3.5 to 4. For the small ring 20×40 zoom for the upper half or the ring generally
    tends to be 2 or 2.5. Try to zoom only once on a movement if possible.
  6. Reduce Zoom back to 1x as the horse comes past X towards / near the “C” end . You will naturally have a moment of two where the horse passes directly in front of / and near the camera. It is not always a whole horse view but keep the camera moving with the horse. If the horse is required to perform a movement directly at “C”,be sure to move the camera so the viewer sees the feet/steps and head/neck connection throughout the movement. This simulates what a judge actually sees when a horse is so close.
  7. The sound must be on. Tests may be called, but coaching is not allowed.
  8. Conclude the video by filming a thorough tack check. The judge must be able to see all tack from all angles. You will also need to remove the bridle to show the bit. For an example of how to do this, watch the following video:

Note: If video quality affects the judge’s ability to see movements, points may be lost. If the
video is too poor quality to be judged, the test will not be entered.

Need help filming? The Texas A&M Eventing Team is here to help! Members will travel within the BCS area to help film your video. The fee is $20 for the first test, plus $5 per additional test. Email with inquiries.
Video Submission:

In the email containing the entry form, attach the video file or a link to the video on YouTube
(preferred). Uploading to YouTube will preserve video quality and ensure that your test can be
easily judged. Videos can be marked as unlisted for privacy if desired.


Formal/show attire and turnout is not required, but please wear boots and a protective helmet
(or western hat per WDAA guidelines).


All tack must comply with the regulations of the organization that wrote the test you are riding.
For example, if you are riding a USEA dressage test, you must comply with USEA regulations.
Please contact with questions regarding approved tack.


All tests must be performed on a level surface with visible ring markers. If you do not have
access to a dressage ring, poles can be used to outline the shape of the arena and cones can
be used as letter markers. The ring must be the appropriate size for the test you are riding. For
help with laying out ring markers, please reference the images at the links below:


All tests will be judged November 1st. Scores will be posted online, and tests with comments will be emailed to riders.