2019 Events!

We are putting the final touches on the 2019 calendar! Be watching for Ride-A-Tests, a Scribe Clinic, trail ride, Sports Psychology seminar, social events, and more!

Dates for the Schooling Show Series are below:

Schooling Show Dates

  • April 13
  • June 29
  • August 10: Rain Date
  • September 14
  • November 16

As soon as we have clinic dates finalized and clinicians booked, we will post the information!

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to know more about BACH and upcoming events, please attend one of our monthly board meetings! Contact one of us for time and location, the upcoming meeting dates are listed below:

February 11

March 4

April 17


An Auditor’s Look at the Debbie Bowman Clinic

10 November 2018

Mary K. Wicksten


Debbie Bowman visited Denali Sport Horses in Iola, Texas for a dressage clinic on Nov. 10-11. Weather was chilly but the horses and riders warmed up quickly in the demanding work!  I ride at Training Level and came to get some insights from other riders. (Sadly, I have no truck or trailer and couldn’t arrange a ride for my own horse).

Debbie was insightful about the connection between the rider’s position and hands and the horse’s balance. She used an “Equi-block” to position the rider’s hands forward and keep them steady (a popular training method with variations approvingly used by many trainers, including my own).  It’s really easy to get off balance ever so slightly and get a crooked or  “one-sided” horse. She demonstrated means to check your balance. I could sympathize with the “demo rider” as she inadvertently kept slipping on to one or getting one leg ahead of the other. And then there were the transitions: trot, trot, slower trot balanced into forward walk; stride, stride, and back again, repeatedly. Canter circles were supposed to be right on cue and round. Another rider had trouble with getting her horse going into a nice round, swinging frame. The walk and trot were lazy, the horse seemed to look for an excuse to break from a canter into a trot. Was there not  enough seat pressure from the rider, or perhaps her hands came back and tugged on the reins? Frustrating, of course, but one at least can take comfort that this was not a show! I went away thoughtful and tried to remember some of what I saw in my lesson on Soda yesterday.  Progress is being made–thanks Debbie!  

Diane and Rayo
Emily and Vrouwke
Cathy and Rocky
Diane and Rayo

November 3rd Ride Times

We had to get a little creative with Ride Times for this weekend’s show to account for the soaked ground at Topsider! The schedule has a time slot for a 12 minute warmup in the ring prior to your test.

Please see the ride times below and text/email Julie or Michelle if you see any changes that need to be made.





November Show Prize Lists

Below are the prize lists for our last two shows of 2018!

Saturday, November 3rd – Mail-In entries are due by October 26th and Hand-In entries due Tuesday October 30th by 5pm.

Saturday, November 17th – Mail-In entries are due by November 9th and Hand-In entries due Tuesday November 13th by 5pm.

Check back here for Ride Times the week of the show.

Click Here: Prize List 2018BACH_November03

Click Here: Prize List 2018BACH_November17

November Debbie Bowman Clinic

Debbie Bowman will be back for a BACH clinic at Denali Sport Horses November 10-11, 2018.

Clinic Cost:
BACH Members: $140 for 45 minute private lesson
Non-Members: $150 for 45 minute private lesson

Stabling: Limited Availability at $25/night, contact gjlevine@cvm.tamu.edu directly to arrange.

Auditing: Free!

For more information, contact Gwen Levine at gjlevine@cvm.tamu.edu.

To sign up!
– Submit rider application & Coggins (dated after November 11, 2017) through this form: Clinic Sign Up
– You will then receive a confirmation email with payment information.


September Schooling Show Postponed

Unfortunately, with the amount of rain we have had all week and the amount of rain anticipated for Saturday, we do not feel that we can safely hold the show this weekend.  We will work on rescheduling the show for a different date and we will get details to you as soon as we can.  When we have the date, you can decide if you would like us to hold your entry for that show or if you would like your entry check voided or applied to one of our already scheduled November shows.
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  This was a tough call to make but we are trying to keep everyone safe.
Gwen Levine, Show Secretary
Julie Brown, BACH President
Michele Voorhees, Show Manager