Rebekah Wesatzke

Rebekah Wesatzke is a Grand Prix rider and trainer who earned her USDF Bronze, Silver, Gold medals and Gold Freestyle Bar on her own horses that she has trained since they were 3 years old. She has over 25 years of experience teaching and training. Her students have earned Bronze and Silver medals, Dover medals, and national awards such as small horse USDF Champion at PSG in 2018. She has students that have competed successfully at Regional level and National level.  She has mentored juniors that have gone on to establish their own businesses as professional Dressage trainers.

Rebekah Wesatzke focuses on the seat of the rider. Biomechanics between horse and rider are most important to her. She continues to learn an improve her own understanding of riding and training horses by riding in clinics with Hans Biss, Jan Biss and  Felicitas von Neuman Cosel.

She is located at WV Dressage Farm in Waller Texas, about a 45 min. drive from College Station. She currently has students from College Station and frequently gives clinics at Look Sharp Farm owned by Marcetta and Donald Darensborg.

All levels of riders and their horses are appreciated.

Phone: (713) 828-4479