BACH relies on volunteers to ensure the shows and events run smoothly and everyone has a great time.  We have positions for almost everyone and are willing to train those interested in learning how to volunteer!

Volunteer Roles & Descriptions (Mounted Events)

  • Check In – Verify competitors have paid all fees, all documents have been received, and hand out show packet with show schedule and competitor’s number.
  • Scribe – Sit with the judge to ensure they have the correct test for each ride, the test is marked with the competitor’s number and write the numerical scores and judge’s comments for each movement on the test sheet as the ride is judged.  Help to ensure all scores are recorded and signatures present before handing test sheet to runner.  This is a fantastic learning opportunity!  You have a front row seat to learn more about what judges are looking for at each level.
  • Scoring
  • Test Runner – Pick up completed tests from the judge’s box every few rides & deliver to the Scorer in the Show Office. Do not interrupt the judge during a test or while the competitor is in the arena.
  • Arena Setup – Responsible for changing the arena size at the schedulued time to accommodate for tests that are to be ridden in a short (20m x 40m) arena.
  • Parking Attendant– Greet arriving competitors and other vehicles, direct to designated parking areas.
  • Hospitality – Ensure that the judge, scribe, announcer, and other volunteers are offered water, snacks, etc.
  • Announcer – Announce horse & riders as they enter the ring, convey show information to competitors and spectators.
  • Awards -Organize ribbons and scored tests. Hand out tests and ribbons to riders after the class has been scored and placed.
  • Warmup Steward – Assist in keeping the show on schedule by making sure riders are ready to enter the ring on time.  Greet riders and tell them where they are in the order of go – next, 2 away, etc. Notify riders and announcer of schedule changes, scratches, or other important details.