Member Hosted Event: Canter Development & Flying Change Clinic

Canter Development & Flying Change Clinic

2-day Clinic with Manuel Trigo

  • Learn to develop the quality of the canter & how to collect it
  • Learn step by step to prepare your horse for the flying change
  • Learn to teach correct flying changes from the beginning, so there will be no need to fix them in the months after the first ones
  • Learn to improve your seat & aids for and during the flying change
  • Learn to improve flying changes & how to put them together for tempis

Saturday – Sunday
May 21-22, 2022
Cat Spring, Texas

Rider Fees:
Before May 1, 2022 – $450 Registration
After May 1, 2022 – $480 Registration

For more information on clinic contact: Kate Del Aguila at or Phone: 713-416-9178

Learn more about Manuel Trigo at

Member Hosted Event: Cowboy Fellowship Aggieland

Trail Ride, Fellowship, Food, & Fun!

At Millican Reserve

Cowboy Fellowship of Aggieland welcomes everyone to join us to worship, ride the trails, and enjoy a meal cooked up by our very own Chuckwagon Team.


March 26th, 2022
10 am


Millican Reserve
19851 Farm to Market Rd 2154
College Station, TX 77845


$10.00 per rider

Negative Coggins Required.

Horses will not be provided

For more information and to RSVP: Brook’Lynn at

Learn more about Cowboy Fellowship Aggieland at

2021 BACH Award Winners

Congratulations to our winners for the 2021 competition year!

USDF Intro Jr/YRElla WylieThe Queen’s Legacy
USDF Training Jr/YRChiara FischerCharisma
USDF First Level Jr/YRElla WylieLove Story
USEA Novice Jr/YRKate BrownSport’s Revenge
USDF First Level OpenJennifer SkinnerThe Captain
USDF Third Level OpenSandy VennemanCarpe Diem
USEA Beginner Novice OpenKaylyn ForemanIsle of Chaos

Ride-A-Test with Donna Meyer “R”

Join us for a Ride-A-Test dressage clinic hosted by BACH and the Texas A&M Eventing Team with judge Donna Meyer “R” at On the Bit Farm in Bryan, TX!

Clinic Information:

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2022
On the Bit Farm
6811 Honeysuckle Lane
Bryan, TX 77808


Entry Information

Entries are complete when registration form, coggins, and payment are received.

  • Checks, cash, or Paypal are payable to BACH. *If using Paypal, please select the “Pay a Friend” option or you will be
  • responsible for the additional fees.
  • Email entries to, fill out the online form at, or mail to Donna Meyer,
  • 6811 Honeysuckle Lane, Bryan 77808.
  • Entries must be received by Sunday, March 27th.
  • Registrations are accepted on first come/first serve basis and a wait list will be established after 10 rides.
Clinic Fee – 1 Test$4530 minute Lesson – Ride Test, Tips, Re-ride
Option: Add Second Test$30Additional 20 Minutes to Lesson – Ride 2nd Test, Discussion
Grounds Fee$10For non-boarders
Non Member Fee$15Fee if not a BACH or TAMU
Eventing Team member

Download Entry Form

Download Entry Form:

Enter Online

Enter Online with Google Form:

BACH Membership

Want to save $15 on this clinic and even more on future BACH events? Join us! Download the form below and include it with your entry. Find more information on membership at our website here: BACH Membership.


After closing on March 27th, registration fees will be refunded only if the ride is filled.
If event is cancelled due to inclement weather all fees will be refunded.




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BACH Ride-A-Test with Donna Meyer

Mary’s Musings: Spookables

So you are trotting up the center line, wearing your nice dressage apparel and on your well-groomed horse. And just as you get to X, your horse does his version of a capriole and dumps you in the dirt. What set him off?

Let’s start with “the obvious suspects”—people trying to take the perfect close-up photo and hanging over the railing, small running children in the arena, flapping things (flags, blankets, papers on clipboards), and other people’s horses acting up. Now let’s get to others: remember the pigeons in the old arena at Cedar Trace? How about the blood from de-horned cattle at Freeman Arena? (You couldn’t smell it but your horse sure could!) There are some memorable ones: hot air balloons going overhead (Wuff! Chuff!), pigs next door, and the night-time lesson when the barn cat let a live rat loose in the arena and both the cat and a dog chased it under the horse’s feet (oh, please, please halt!) .

So what can you do? At a show, the management can insist that spectators keep their distance and warn people with small children to stay away from the horses. But what can you do otherwise? Start by acclimating your horse to areas outside of your covered arena. Is there a pasture where you can ride? Can you ride with somebody whose horse is a wise old-timer who will not react? If all you do is practice inside an arena (same test, same time of day, etc.,) you are setting yourself up for trouble. So do something different! Are there some trees, bushes, or maybe some jumps in your field? Do some figure S’s or pole-bending around them at your gait of choice. Will your horse hop over a tiny ditch or a mud puddle? Can you lean away from your horse to open a gate or grab something? How does your horse react to a flag, a blanket over his head, or you putting on a flappy jacket or raincoat? Can your horse back up? If you need inspiration, look up some training exercises for the western trail class. No, you do not need to ride through a pen of armadillos or a cloud from a fog machine, nor do you need to pick up a raw animal hide or shoot a pistol.

It’s a good idea to get out of a rut no matter what level you ride.


This week’s #tiptuesday is from Jennifer Skinner of JRS Performance Horses in Bryan, TX. Jennifer is also the 2022 President of BACH!

“If at first you don’t succeed, lower your expectations.” This concept is not the idea of accepting less, it speaks to the idea of taking a step back. In our horse journey sometimes we can get excited about the goal and take a few too many steps at once. Maybe we are trying to steady our connection, or get a little more impulsion in a ride…I mean we had it yesterday after all! But THIS day maybe the wind is blowing and some construction is going on across the road and we haven’t actually achieved relaxation with our equine partner. Maybe we need to take a little longer one ride, working at something we think is already mastered.

Let every ride or training session dictate it’s own set of accomplishments.

Sometimes it is ok to take a step back when we are struggling. Sometimes it is ok when frustration seems to be welling up, to go back to a basic principle, a foundation principle and just succeed there. After succeeding at a step that is basic and comes easier, then maybe take a bit of a smaller step forward. Lowering your expectations for a moment isn’t defeat, it is helping our horses and ourselves build our confidence and ensure our foundation is solid. Let every ride or training session dictate its own set of accomplishments. Steps back are often part of any journey and are often where some of the best lessons are learned. Enjoy your whole journey!

Photos by

Find out more information about Jennifer and her program at our Professional’s Corner.

Trailering: how to teach it, to prevent aversion, or fix the problem loader

April 23, 2022 – Still Creek Ranch
Our new president Jennifer Skinner will be leading an informational clinic on trailer loading, safety, and problem solving. Useful for all disciplines, ages, and experience levels!


  • Trailer afety
  • Teaching to Load
  • Preventing aversions to loading
  • Fix the problem loader
  • Trailer Maintenance

“In my decades in the horse world one of the most common and frustrating issues I’ve seen people face is horses with anxiety over trailer loading. I have studied the horse and how they communicate with each other and I’ve spent hours upon hours working with hall of fame horseman forming an ability to communicate trust and respect with our equine partners. This clear cut communication has enabled me to help train young horses to be confide loaders and help older horses overcome their trailer loading difficulties. Come join us to learn valuable tools to help you and your horse be able to confidently load in and out of any trailer.” -Jennifer

This event will be open to the community at no charge! We encourage everyone to attend to learn what BACH is all about and join a community of like-minded horse enthusiasts. We will have membership forms available at the clinic, or you can download one here to send in: Membership Form.



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Trailering: how to teach it, to prevent aversion, or fix the problem loader

Schleese: Saddle Fitting Lecture and Demo

When: May 14, 2022

Time: 11:00 am

Where: Topsider Farm, College Station, TX

Join us for a saddle fit lecture and demo held at Topsider Farm with Connie Frantzke and Chris Moloughney with Schleese. For more information, visit

RSVP to Colleen by using the form below or contacting her directly at or 1.800.225.2242 x 31.



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Schleese Saddle Fit Lecture

Landsafe Equestrian Clinic

Landsafe: The Most Important Clinic Ever 
February 26-27, 2022 – Southwind Meadows Farm in Brenham, TX

For our February Member activity, BACH will cover $10 of the Auditing Fee for current members who want to audit or attend the Landsafe clinic. Auditing Fees: $25 for one day of auditing. $40 for two days

The LandSafe Rider Fall Safety System is a training program designed to teach the best practices of fall prevention and response.


1. Save lives

2. Reduce injuries

3. Increase safety education of parents and riders

For more information about the Landsafe clinic, check out the information and links in the section below or call/text/email Julie Brown. 979.220.3175 or

Location: Anchor Equestrian at SouthWind Meadows
3300 Farm to Market 390 E
Brenham, TX 77833

For more information please contact:
Keli Warrington 484-459-4974 (text or call) or visit:  Landsafe Website

To Officially Register for Clinic:   Please click on the following link to register – LandSafe Clinic- Texas A&M Eventing Team at Anchor Equestrian ( The link will direct you to the Strider website to sign up. To register please follow the prompts through the required fields, then use your credit card or pay pal to check out. You will receive a payment confirmation when complete.

AUDITING IS WELCOME! $25 for one day of auditing. $40 for two days
No charge for parents to audit who have a child in the clinic



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2022 BACH Board Members!

Congratulations to the 2022 BACH Board Members!

BACH is proud to officially announce the election of the following individuals to the 2022 BACH Board:

Executive Committee

President: Jennifer Skinner

Vice President: Jinny Johnson

Secretary: Cathy Ruoff

Treasurer: Karin Loftin

Additional Board Positions

Communications Chair: Julie Brown

Activities Chair: Donna Meyer

Membership Chair: OPEN

Development Chair: OPEN

If you are interested in one of the open Membership Chair or Development Chair positions, please reach out to our new officers at

Thank you to everyone who participated in the election, and congratulations to our new Board, which will begin its term of service on January 1st, 2022. 


Brazos Association for Classical Horsemanship