May 4-8, 2023 Hans Biss Clinic at Look Sharp Farm

Hans Biss clinic at Look Sharp Farm. Left: Kelly riding Marcetta’s Gwen. Both horse and rider have the same birth year! Gwen still has her (very correct) flying changes.

Below left: Amanda and Ian at the trot.

Below right: Hans and Marcetta discuss the schedule while Amanda gets up on Ian.

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Scenes from New Horizons show March 12, 2023. BACH members show up in force. The spectators: Jenny, Kelly, Marcetta, Larry and Don. The riders: Aynsleigh on Ian, Emily on Ears, Jinny with Flash, Sarah.

Ponies need training also.

Ponies need training also.  Jan Biss with Jenny Stadler and Chip at a recent clinic at Look Sharp farm.