August 10th Schooling Show Recap

August 10th Schooling Show Recap
By Mary Wicksten

Three Brothers students watching their barnmate.

Hot, hot, hot! That’s what it’s like in Texas in August. Some riders are afraid to trailer too far during the heat, others have left for business or vacation, others just don’t want to show when they are overheated. We had only 15 rides ranging from Third Level to Introductory Test A. But with a small show, there was time for riders to take green or spooky horses into the arena in advance, and also time for our generous judge Celeste Brown “L” to offer comments after the ride. Three Brothers Stable in Bryan brought in a team of junior/young riders whose determination had to equal that of any Olympic qualifier. These folks arrived in a caravan with family and friends to cheer them on. We will be glad to see them again!

Ashlynn and “Wes” attended their first dressage show together.

As always in a schooling show, there were first-time competitors, more experienced riders trying out a higher level for the first time, and riders trying to work with “testy” horses. There was some discussion about time limits for the musical freestyle. In this case, it worked out OK but anyone trying this test should double-check the latest USDF guidelines. (Applause to our gallant rider trying this tough test). 

TimeRider NumberRider First NameRider Last NameDivisionHorseTestPointsPercentage (%)Place
Class 4.1. 2019 Training Level Test 1
11:45114SarahTalcott Jr/YRFive Star FoxyTraining 1175.567.5001
Class 5.1 2019 First Level Test 1
9:24115CynthiaWernerAAUnchained MelodyFirst 1176.560.8621
Class 5.3. 2019 First Level Test 3
11:35125SandyVennemanOpenCharlestonFirst 3240.566.8061
Class 16.1 2019 USDF Freestyle – First Level
11:55125SandyVennemanOpenCharlestonFirst Level202.067.3331
Class 7.1. 2019 Third Level Test 1
9:00117SandyVennemanOpenCarpe DiemThird 1233.062.9731
Class 7.2. 2019 Third Level Test 2
9:12117SandyVennemanOpenCarpe DiemThird 2239.563.0261
Class 3.1. 2019 Intro A
9:45126AshlynnHelmJr/YRPoquito’s RegaloIntro A102.564.0632
9:55120ElizabethStantonJr/YRFlower PowerIntro A107.567.1881
Class 3.2. 2019 Intro B
10:05116KaraDavisAACandy MountainIntro B108.567.8131
10:15120ElizabethStantonJr/YRFlower PowerIntro B109.068.1251
Class 3.3. 2019 Intro C
10:45126AshlynnHelmJr/YRPoquito’s RegaloIntro C135.067.5001
10:25118KenzieNewtonJr/YRJackIntro C118.559.2502
10:35116KaraDavisAACandy MountainIntro C131.065.5001
Class 9.1.1. 2018 USEA Beginner Novice Test A
11:10116KaraDavisAACandy MountainBN A116.064.4441
Class 9.1.2. 2018 USEA Beginner Novice Test B
10:55114SarahTalcott Jr/YRFive Star FoxyBN B136.568.2501

High Point Award – HDS Adult Amateur
Cynthia Werner & Unchained Melody
First Level Test 1 – 60.862%