Equestrian Yoga with BACH!

  • Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Genesis Yoga Bryan 111 E. 27th Street, Bryan, Texas 77803 (See map and location information below.)

Get your om on with BACH as we become more in tune with our bodies in our first Equestrian Yoga class!

We are pleased to offer an all-levels class for anyone interested in how yoga can benefit the rider. Our instructor, Colleen O’Reilly will help us find our breath and connect with our bodies through moving meditation with a distinct focus on the challenges and needs of the modern equestrian.

All ages and skill levels are welcome!

The class will cost $10 per person, and participants will need to provide their own mat or padding. A limited number of spare mats will be available. All participants must sign and submit a liability waiver before class begins.

Meet our instructor, Colleen:
Colleen O’Reilly is a horse lover, dressage rider and yoga enthusiast! During her youth she explored all disciplines of horseback riding (even jousting!) but has found a lifelong love for Dressage. As she got more serious in riding and training, she realized that Yoga was an excellent way to cross train for the physical and mental demands of horseback riding. After a few years of practicing she decided to get certified (200 hour CYT) and delve into sharing with others what she had learned. These “Equestrian Yoga” classes will focus on the components of body and mental wellness required of horseback riders including but not limited to core strength, balance, breath work and body awareness She has a Master’s in equine exercise physiology and is currently working on her PhD in muscle physiology. . She is passionate about anatomy, yoga and horseback riding and hopes that the awareness yoga can bring to our lives will transfer into the saddle. She is excited to be a part of this BACH yoga collaboration and encourages you to come with excitement and curiosity regardless of your previous yoga experience.

More about the studio.

Genesis Yoga Byan is located on the top floor of the old municipal building (old Children’s Museum) at the corner of E 27th Street and S Tabor Avenue in Downtown Bryan, across from Clara B. Mounce Public library.

Map to Genesis Yoga

September 14th Schooling Show Results

Date: 9/14/2019
Location: Topsider Farm, College Station, TX
Judge: Celeste Brown, “L”

Congratulations to all of our riders! We were excited to have Brazos Pony Club attend the show as part of their prep for the upcoming Rio Grande Region Dressage Rally. Good Luck this weekend! Riders received lots of wonderful feedback from our judge Celeste Brown, “L” who was again willing to take extra time in between tests to visit with each rider.

Check out our High Point Award winners, scores, and photo gallery from the show below!

High Point Award Winners

HDS High Point – AA

Rebecca Brake & My Odyssey

First Level Test 3 – 60.833%

HDS High Point – Jr/YR

Kendall Hanover & Renegade

Training Level Test 2 – 66.379%

BACH High Point – Pony Club Sponsored by Swico Auctions

Elizabeth Beazer & Handmade Perfection

Training Level Test 2 – 73.103

Rider First NameRider Last NameDivisionHorseTestPointsPercentage (%)Place
Class 3.1. 2019 Intro A
MaryHirschAARexIntro A111.569.688HC
Class 3.2. 2019 Intro B
LindseyChapmanAABayo GavilonIntro B106.566.5631
MaryHirschAARexIntro B104.565.313HC
Class 4.1. 2019 Training Level Test 1
PamelaStroudAAOdinTraining 1165.563.6541
KendallHanoverJr/YRLegolasTraining 1163.562.8852
ElizabethBeazerJr/YRHandmade PerfectionTraining 1181.069.6151
Class 4.2 2019 Training Level Test 2
PamelaStroudAAOdinTraining 2193.066.5522
JessicaTorbetAAL’AvanceTraining 2200.569.1381
ElizabethBeazerJr/YRHandmade PerfectionTraining 2212.073.1031
KendallHanoverJr/YRRenegadeTraining 2192.566.3792
KendallHanoverJr/YRLegolasTraining 2183.063.1033
Class 4.3 2019 Training Level Test 3
SandyVennemanOpenPPR Coco ChanelTraining 3190.565.6901
JessicaTorbetAAL’AvanceTraining 3201.569.4831
Class 5.3. 2019 First Level Test 3
SandyVennemanOpenPPR Coco ChanelFirst 3237.065.8331
CandyBeck-BrakeAAMy OdysseyFirst 3219.060.8331
Class 6.1 2019 Second Level Test 1
CandyBeck-BrakeAAMy OdysseySecond 1211.057.0271
Class 7.1. 2019 Third Level Test 1
SandyVennemanOpenCarpe DiemThird 1236.063.7841
Class 7.2. 2019 Third Level Test 2
SandyVennemanOpenCarpe DiemThird 2236.062.1051
Class 7.3. 2019 Third Level Test 3
DonnaMeyerOpenAtomicThird 3254.563.6251
Class 12.2 2017 WDAA Basic Level 2
DianeMitchellAAGradyWDAA Basic 2142.561.9571
Class 12.3 2017 WDAA Basic Level 3
DianeMitchellAAGradyWDAA Basic 3131.065.5001

The Masterson Method and the Museum: BACH Special Event on 23 August

By Mary Wicksten

BACH’s special meeting on 23rds August offered us the opportunity to see the Museum of the American G.I. and use their big screen to see “Dressage Movements Revealed”. Thanks to Donna Meyer and On the Bit Farm, we were able to see this very interesting DVD, part of the “Masterson Method” series,  which showed on an “illustrated” horses the action of the bones and muscles as he performed dressage movements: the basic gaits, and then the shoulder-in, half pass, zig zags all the way to the piaffe, passage, and canter piroutte. Most of us expected to see the big muscles along the shoulders and haunches at work but we were surprised to see the action of muscles along the top of the neck. The main “belly” area usually was not involved. After seeing enough videos, at least some of us were able to spot tiny irregularities in the movement of the lovely dressage horse performing the upper level movements, and saw how the very skilled rider could compensate. Good food for thought. If you intend to try to paint your horse, make sure that the paint will wash off and is not toxic to animals (or riders, for that matter).

We enjoyed climbing into old military trucks, seeing the suspended helicopter, huge tanks, and a restored World War I tank. There is an enormous variety of printed matter, photos, medals, flags, etc., too much to see in one visit but well worth it. Yes, there was a horse connection–a model horse and rider from World War I, but don’t touch his tail!

We were happy to have Brazos Pony Club members join us for the evening!

Special thanks to The Museum of the American GI for hosting us! Find out more about the museum, their exibits, and their annual Living History Weekend on their website: http://americangimuseum.org/ .

For more information on the video, visit the Masterson Method website here: https://mastersonmethod.com/ .
Or watch this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/zbk_iarbyHA.

Photos provided by Laurine Marlow and Brazos Pony Club.

August 10th Schooling Show Recap

August 10th Schooling Show Recap
By Mary Wicksten

Three Brothers students watching their barnmate.

Hot, hot, hot! That’s what it’s like in Texas in August. Some riders are afraid to trailer too far during the heat, others have left for business or vacation, others just don’t want to show when they are overheated. We had only 15 rides ranging from Third Level to Introductory Test A. But with a small show, there was time for riders to take green or spooky horses into the arena in advance, and also time for our generous judge Celeste Brown “L” to offer comments after the ride. Three Brothers Stable in Bryan brought in a team of junior/young riders whose determination had to equal that of any Olympic qualifier. These folks arrived in a caravan with family and friends to cheer them on. We will be glad to see them again!

Ashlynn and “Wes” attended their first dressage show together.

As always in a schooling show, there were first-time competitors, more experienced riders trying out a higher level for the first time, and riders trying to work with “testy” horses. There was some discussion about time limits for the musical freestyle. In this case, it worked out OK but anyone trying this test should double-check the latest USDF guidelines. (Applause to our gallant rider trying this tough test). 

TimeRider NumberRider First NameRider Last NameDivisionHorseTestPointsPercentage (%)Place
Class 4.1. 2019 Training Level Test 1
11:45114SarahTalcott Jr/YRFive Star FoxyTraining 1175.567.5001
Class 5.1 2019 First Level Test 1
9:24115CynthiaWernerAAUnchained MelodyFirst 1176.560.8621
Class 5.3. 2019 First Level Test 3
11:35125SandyVennemanOpenCharlestonFirst 3240.566.8061
Class 16.1 2019 USDF Freestyle – First Level
11:55125SandyVennemanOpenCharlestonFirst Level202.067.3331
Class 7.1. 2019 Third Level Test 1
9:00117SandyVennemanOpenCarpe DiemThird 1233.062.9731
Class 7.2. 2019 Third Level Test 2
9:12117SandyVennemanOpenCarpe DiemThird 2239.563.0261
Class 3.1. 2019 Intro A
9:45126AshlynnHelmJr/YRPoquito’s RegaloIntro A102.564.0632
9:55120ElizabethStantonJr/YRFlower PowerIntro A107.567.1881
Class 3.2. 2019 Intro B
10:05116KaraDavisAACandy MountainIntro B108.567.8131
10:15120ElizabethStantonJr/YRFlower PowerIntro B109.068.1251
Class 3.3. 2019 Intro C
10:45126AshlynnHelmJr/YRPoquito’s RegaloIntro C135.067.5001
10:25118KenzieNewtonJr/YRJackIntro C118.559.2502
10:35116KaraDavisAACandy MountainIntro C131.065.5001
Class 9.1.1. 2018 USEA Beginner Novice Test A
11:10116KaraDavisAACandy MountainBN A116.064.4441
Class 9.1.2. 2018 USEA Beginner Novice Test B
10:55114SarahTalcott Jr/YRFive Star FoxyBN B136.568.2501

High Point Award – HDS Adult Amateur
Cynthia Werner & Unchained Melody
First Level Test 1 – 60.862%

Movie Night & Social with BACH!

Join us Friday, August 23rd for a fun and educational night as we watch “Dressage Movements Revealed: Biomechanical Concepts and Bodywork Using the Masterson Method” at the Museum of the American G.I.! We will learn how the horse’s skeletal and muscular systems work together and how the Masterson Method can benefit the Dressage athlete.  Non-BACH members welcome!

Admission to the Museum: $4/person.

Special Thanks to Donna Meyer for lending her DVD.

Friday, August 23, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM

Museum of The American GI19124 TX-6 S, College Station, Texas 77845

From the Masterson Method website:

Dressage Movements Revealed provides a valuable, re-viewable and practical resource for the rider, owner or therapist interested in maintaining flexibility, soundness and longevity in the horse participating in any equestrian discipline.

Dressage Movements Revealed DVD For All Disciplines:

  • What goes on in the horse’s body.
  • Recognize “hidden” physical restrictions that limit the horse’s ability to perform.
  • Sport-specific Masterson Method® Techniques that are easy to use to maintain suppleness, flexibility, and rhythm while promoting longevity in the dressage horse.

Schooling Show Recap by Mary Wicksten

Bach Show: 29 June 2019

Mary Wicksten

Hooray! Finally, we had a show that wasn’t rained out! It was hot and steamy but the weather held for the entire show and late into the afternoon, so everyone had a chance to lunge their horses and drive in and out safely. We had a small turn-out but our competitors did their best–trying out a new horse, trying a test for the first time, or working on their current level. We had quite an assortment of horses, including a curly horse (The Graduate, ridden by Diane Mitchell our 2018 western dressage champion) and a Percheron-paint (Highlander, ridden by Sofia del Aguila in USET training test A and B). Our judge Becky Hicks kindly gave a short critique to each rider after her ride.

Mattea Much gives her horse Maggie a well-deserved pat after rding in her western dressage test.

If there is a prize for the most colorful horse, Highlander, ridden by Sofia del Aguila, sure could win it.

June 29th Schooling Show Results

The weather was perfect for our first show of 2019!  Special thanks to Michelle, Sam and the Topsider Farm team for hosting and judge Becky Hicks “L” for judging and the fantastic feedback!  We had a stellar volunteer crew that kept the show running smoothly and finishing (mostly!) on time: Mary and Brenna at check in, Kathy and Sam scoring, Julie scribing, and Michelle as the Ring Master and Announcer Extraordinaire.  We’re looking forward to our next show on August 10th with judge Pam Fowler Grace.

High Point – HDS AA
Rebecca Watts & Senioritas Lad
Training Level Test 1 – 62.5%


High Point – HDS Jr/YR
Sofia Del Aguila & Highlander
USEA Training Level Test B – 68.182%

BACH Dressage – College Station Schooling Show Series          6/29/2019           Judge: Becky Hicks ‘L’
Number Rider Horse Division Class Points Percentage Place
113 Cristie Palmer Brite D’Avalon Open Intro Test A 98.5 61.563 1
127 Amanda Ortiz Bull City Bonus AA Intro Test A SCRATCH
113 Cristie Palmer Brite D’Avalon Open Intro Test B 98.5 61.563 1
127 Amanda Ortiz Bull City Bonus AA Intro Test B SCRATCH
124 Rebecca Watts Senoritas Lad AA Training Level Test 1 162.5 62.500 2
120 Delaney Ryder Bud on Tap AA Training Level Test 1 169.0 65.000 1
124 Rebecca Watts Senoritas Lad AA Training Level Test 2 169.0 58.276 1
124 Rebecca Watts Senoritas Lad AA Training Level Test 3 179.5 61.897 1
120 Delaney Ryder Bud on Tap AA Training Level Test 3 177.0 61.034 2
117 Sandy Venneman Charleston Open First Level Freestyle 209.0 69.667 1
125 Sandy Venneman Charleston Open First Level Test 3 233.0 64.722 1
117 Sandy Venneman Carpe Diem Open Third Level Test 3 235.0 58.750 1
128 Mattea Much Maggie WDAA Basic 1 148.0 61.667 1
126 Diane Mitchell The Graduate (Grady) AA WDAA Basic 2 143.5 62.391 1
126 Diane Mitchell The Graduate (Grady) AA WDAA Basic 3 123.5 61.750 1
USEA Eventing Training 3Day
101 Sofia Del Aguila Highlander Jr/YR USEA Training 3Day 174.0 66.923 1
USEA Eventing Training B
101 Sofia Del Aguila Highlander Jr/YR USEF Training B 150.0 68.182 1