BACH By-Law Review 2021

Goals of Bylaw Review Committee: to assess the sustainability of BACH and its purpose; make necessary changes to the BACH Bylaws to support the future direction of the organization; add considerations to the Bylaws for when/if to dissolve the organization.

The BACH By-Law Review Committee met for the first of three scheduled meetings on June 27th, 2021. At this meeting, the following items were discussed/decided:

  • BACH’s Constitution and Bylaws will become the same document, therefore reference to the “Constitution” of BACH will be removed from the Bylaws.
  • Historically, BACH’s amendments to the Bylaws have been driven by the organization’s consistent need to violate the requirements (due to lack of participation) in order to stay operational. BACH may no longer viable under the conditions set forth by these Bylaws.
  • Discussed Amendments to BACH’s Purpose
    • Refocus on education as the primary purpose of BACH
    • Design future BACH events to engage a broader horse community through classical horsemanship based in dressage
    • Organize a couple of “boutique” events that BACH can become known for and that volunteers/participants can count on (one large clinic/show and unmounted event per year).
    • Sponsor and/or promote events with partner organizations and businesses that align with BACH’s mission
  • Other Considerations
    • Formation of a BACH Handbook to outline details of BACH operations (board member “job descriptions”, volunteer roles, event guidelines, etc.)
    • Should BACH be required by the Bylaws to stay a USDF GMO?
    • Creation of sponsorship and partnership guidelines
    • How can BACH create more value in a BACH membership and added efficiency in our leadership?

The committee’s next meeting is scheduled for early August, where the committee will discuss needed changes to the Bylaws with the new purpose in mind.